Profile of Mufti Zubair Bayat

Mufti Zubair Bayat is the founder and current director of the Darul Ihsan Research and Education Centre. Below follows a brief profile of Mufti Sb:

  • Completed Hifzul-Quran - 1977
  • Matriculated 1981
  • Completed Saba' Qirat Course Darul-Uloom, Azaadville - 1985
  • Completed Aalim-Fadhil Course at Darul Uloom, Deoband 1987
  • Completed Mufti Course - 1988
  • Completed MA Islamic Studies at RAU (cum laude) 1996
    Holds Teacher Training Certificate from Darul-Uloom, Azaadville
  • Holds Certificate in Muslim Personal Law from International Islamic Univ, Islamabad
  • After completing formal studies, he lectured in advanced Islamic studies for 6 years at the famous Islamic University, Darul-Uloom, Azaadville. Also served as Editor of the quarterly 'An-Nasiha' Journal
  • Then in 1994, he moved to Stanger where he established the Zakariyya Muslim School and served as Principal and Ameer for several years. In this period, he also served as Chairman of Association of Muslim Schools in KZN, South Africa
  • He is presently the Director of DIRECT (Darul-Ihsan Research and Education Centre) and in this capacity also serves as advisor to some Islamic bodies
  • He also is the Media Officer of Jamiat-KZN and serves as Editor of the Al-Jamiat newspaper
  • In general, he has delivered hundreds of lectures on Islam locally and abroad, has attended many conferences, and has translated and written scores of articles on many topics
  • His written works and translation number about a dozen works

May Allah accepts his past efforts and accept him in future for
many works.


 Darul Ihsan Research & Educational Centre